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Datexel have been manufacturing Signal Conditioning equipment for over 20 years. In 2010 DATEXEL USA LLC was opened to provide sales and support for the thousands of units already supplied to North America.

Datexel manufacture a large range of Signal Conditioning equipment including,

Datexel has various ranges of Signal Conditioning equipment.

The Slim Line of Signal Conditioners include.

DAT4531 Range of Isolated Signal Conditioners.

DAT4532 Range of Dual Isolated Signal Conditioners.

DAT4631 Range of Signal Splitters.

Smart Line Conditioners DIN RAIL, PC Programmable.

PDS Signal Conditioners Low Cost DIN RAIL, DIP Switch Programmable.

Head Mount Temperature Transmitters.

RTD Pt100 Temperature Transmitters

Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters.

PC Programmable Head Mount Temperature Transmitters.

Trip Amplifiers.

Loop Powered Isolators.

Data Acquisition.

Master Slave units.

Digital Input Output Modules.

Analogue Input Modules

Analog Output Modules.

PLC Data Acquisition Converts Analogue input to PLC digital inputs.

Panel Indicators

Datexel USA products are made to the very highest standards and all products carry the CE mark.

Datexel obtained ISO 9001 in 1996 and now has the current standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (issued in 2001 ). Datexel's Signal Conditioners also carry the ATEX 94/9/EC approval for safety environments.

In July 2006, Datexel conformed its products to the RoHs Directive Standard (2002/95/EC) which imposes restrictions on the use of dangerous substances for the manufacturing of electric and electronic equipment.

Datexel USA LLC warrants their Signal Conditioners for a period of 24 months from the date of invoice.

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